Thursday, July 5, 2018

One Morning

One Morning...

Made coffee
Offspring looking for breakfast.
Cooked her pancakes and eggs.
Tidy up. Put away stuff.
Kitchen looks good.

Oh snap. Trash day. Told offspring she forgot to put trash out.
No problem. put bins out to curb.

Hi Mom!

Go upstairs to get ready. Another offspring just woke up. Not ready.
Ok offspring, let's get ready. Do you want to stay here? Yes.
Dad - maybe you go to LW.
Dad, I need shorts. I dont have any.
Please check your drawer.
Offspring checks the hamper. No shorts.
I start looking for shorts. drawer, hamper, donation pile. Oh look, I found one! This day is gonna be good!

Time to get ready for work. Wait, there's trash piling up in the girls bathroom. Get trash bag and empty bathroom trash.
Go to masters. same thing.
Dad, there is no toilet paper here.
there is no room service here. besides, even if there is toilet paper, no one knows how to put it on the roller.
Back to trash, gathered. Brought to curb side.

Back to the house. Wait, offspring going to LW. She needs food.
Packed snacks.
Locate yellow bag. Found.
Younger offspring comes down and asks for breakfast.
What would you like sweetie? Cereal with milk.
We need more milk Dad.
No problem sweetie.

Now time to get ready for work. Go upstairs.
Bathroom taken.
Make up bed.
Bathroom now open.
Get ready.

Let's roll out...
Have a good practice sweetie. Good day.
Offspring goes in.
Pooch goes in.
Packed snack goes in.
I go in.
Where is the leash?
Back out. Look for the leash. Found it.
Offspring back out. Forgot something Dad!
Everyone back in.
Drive off.
Let's see what tomorrow morning brings.