Thursday, July 28, 2016

Let the good times roll

We are finding ourselves looking less on hardcover photo albums and using technology instead to archive and view photos. Yes, we have a stack of photo albums underneath our coffee table. When the kids were little, we sit with them to relive stories of their childhood. Aside from traditional albums, we made photo books which told stories and the kids totally get a kick out of it!

We are a family of four and half (pup) but we travel with 16+ more family, ages 70 to 2 as of this post. The more, the chaotic... just how we like it! Remember "Home Alone" movie, yes that's like us although we have not left anyone behind... yet. :-)

It is actually a little late as the kids have grown but they say better late than regret. This is an attempt to start an archive of us. Someday, the youngest one in our family may stumble on this and find out how silly grandpa was or look how wonderful mom and dad looked before kids.

For now, I think we'll go cherish these moments together and try to let the good times roll...